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Freed from captivity by the unknowable machinations of the Continuum Device, an ageless hunger now stalks the lanes — as the new hero Primal Beast stomps his way into action along with the 7.31 Gameplay patch in today’s update.

Following on the Beast’s savage trail, the jungle has awoken. A horde of new and updated creeps are ready to inflict retribution on heroes that have terrorized them for so long. To meet these upstart dangers, new items of power have been discovered, and others have been reworked. The multiverse ripples from within the Continuum Vault have wrought shocking changes to Techies and ample alterations to other heroes. With so much made anew, there are powder kegs full of things to investigate and explore.

Get started by smashing the list of changes directly into your brain over at The Primal Beast Update page. From there, it’s just a short tromp into battle to discover all the possible things you can now pulverize with joy.