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Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Build / Guide

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Spirit Breaker is a very simple hero, who is also very strong in all stages of the game. Spirit Breaker is one of the very few supports, who has no one, but two disables which work on magic immune units. His second ability, Bulldoze, makes him very hard to kill. Alongside his great stats, it makes Spirit Breaker an excellent frontliner. Read our complete spirit breaker dota 2 build to mash everyone in-game.

Table of Contents

  • Role in the game
  • Abilities
  • Items
  • Gameplay
  • Allies and counters

Role in the game

Spirit Breaker can be potentially played in all five positions. He is the most popular in the role of a roamer.The purpose of the Spirit Breaker in the game is to actively move around the map ganking enemy heroes. With the help of Charge of Darkness, Spirit Breaker can move effectively between lanes and set up kills all over the map. Later in the game Spirit Breaker can become a very strong frontliner.

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  • Charge of Darkness brings a lot of mobility to Spirit Breaker. This spell allows him to rotate around the map effectively and set up kills without any real effort. Once the enemy hero is charged, you gain a vision over him. It helps the Spirit Breakers team to chase down their prays. Allow us to assist you with your Dota 2 Low Priorities, we can clear them for yourself and don’t burn through any time.
  • Bulldoze is a powerful defensive ability. Once you use the spell, it gives additional movement speed and significantly improves status resistance. You can use the spell while you are charging the target.
  • Greater Bash is one of the most annoying spells in the game, as it is not only bashing the target but also pushing it away. The best thing about Greater Bash is that this ability pierces magic immune targets. It means that this ability can cancel teleports even if your opponent has used Black King Bar.
  • Nether Strike is another ability of Spirit Breaker, which pierces spell immunity. Alongside Charge of Darkness, Nether Strike can help to keep the enemy hero disabled for a long period of time. You may upgrade this ability with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter.


With our spirit breaker dota 2 build , as your starting items, you should purchase Orb of Venom, 6 Tangoes, and a Healing Salve. This amount of healing items should allow you to trade your HP fearlessly with enemy heroes.

Behavior score is a metric that keeps track of your Dota 2 in-game behavior.

Your core items on Spirit Breaker are Power Treads, Magic Wand, Urn of Shadows and Blade Mail. The urn is very good to get on SB, as this hero usually participated in a lot of kills. Blade Mail allows Spirit Breaker to feel safer in fights, as he often can find himself in the epicenter of the fight. For the same reason, the Black King Bar can be a very good pick up.


Spirit Breaker`s gameplay is as easy as his abilities. The hero has lots of HP and decent base armor. Your job in the lane is to stay upfront of your lane partner and tank incoming damage while harassing enemy heroes. Once you reach level 2 you can consider making rotations to other lanes. It might not be necessary the midlane, as you can charge all the way to the other side of the map. While doing so, make sure you are not going to get spotted by an enemy structure’s vision.

You might think something changes with time, but it really isn’t. Set up your gameplay over Charge of Darkness ganks. In the meanwhile, make sure to farm some creeps as well. Spirit Breaker is a frontliner, so it is very important for you to have some items, which can improve your survival.

In the late game, make sure to use your abilities to disable the strongest enemy core. Cooperate with your teammates and always tell them about your intentions. It will make ganking a lot easier. learn from our coaches.

Allies and Counters

Spirit Breaker doesn’t have any real counters, as the hero can provide an impact in any scenario. He becomes very effective in the lane in case he lanes with a ranged hero.

Spirit Breaker doesn’t like playing against mobile midlaners, which he can not gank, such as Puck.

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