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The Queen of Pain has a new look.

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The Queen of Pain Arcana, Eminence of Ristul, has blinked into the Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass. That’s a series of words that will likely confuse anyone who doesn’t keep up with Dota 2.

The shiny new cosmetic for Queen of Pain is now available for free to anyone who has a Battle Pass at level 445. The thing is, “available for free” is a bit of a misnomer. Battle Pass levels are kind of hard to grind out this year, and purchasing that many is pricey, with 24 costing $10 USD. I haven’t done the hard math, but that’d come out to somewhere around $190 USD.

For those playing and winning a lot, this might be achievable without spending cash.With a duo queue boost, you and your booster will play together ranked duo games. However, others will find no doubt see this as one hell of a paywall. Of course, you’d also get all of the other rewards for those 445 levels (including the Skeleton King Arcana), but that’s still a high price. On the plus side, there’s at least a free comic about her and this Arcana available on the official page, so you can read that without paying money.

Your queen moves

For those new to Dota 2, an Arcana is a cosmetic that changes a character’s appearance, animations, voice lines, and pretty much everything else. This has been muddled somewhat with the introduction of Personas, which effectively change the character into another character, as with turning Invoker into a child version of himself. Behavior score is a metric that keeps track of your Dota 2 in-game behavior.

Specifically, the Queen of Pain Arcana has a new model, new animations, custom Sonic Wave and Blink, custom deny effects, a whip melee attack animation for enemies in close range, a “Sonic Wave pain meter”, ambient effects, and 500 new voice lines. That list comes to us from the official Dota 2 blog post. I… don’t know what that pain meter is, but I’m intrigued.

There’s also an alternate style for it called the Royal Decree, unlocked by “tormenting” a total of 1000 enemies with Sonic Wave in games that you win. That makes her go all blue instead of all red. Stuck in Dota 2 low priority? Don’t worry we are here to save your day!. 

It’s certainly a pretty cosmetic, and there’s a fair chance it won’t be available again. Nonetheless, the asking price — in either currency or hours — will probably be a bit too steep for most players. Fit for a queen, but as the Queen herself would say, agony awaits.

Guide to Farming Queen of Pain Arcana Points

A friend of mine posted the screenshot of my QoP alternate style last night and it seemed like people have some confusion/misconceptions on how to get points for the Arcana (since all it says is “torment enemies”). Our professional boosters will help you gain desired MMR. Order now let us handle your calibration games.

Here’s a short guide on how to get points, and some tips to maximizing the points you get!

  1. You get one point per enemy hero hit with a Sonic Wave. It will be represented as a “combo meter” (each combo point = one point).
  2. You MUST have vision of the enemy when they are hit (fog/uphill/invisible does not count). Hidden units DO count (eg Slark ult, Dark Willow W). This is probably the least commonly known part about the Arcana. It’s pretty common to ult someone from fog knowing where they are, so just be aware of this.
  3. You must win the game to gain any points.

From what I am told, you get half the points in Turbo, I wouldn’t know because I got all my points playing ranked only. It was a total of 60 games, averaging 25~ points per win. If you want to potentially earn from your love of DOTA 2, hiring a coach could be a good investment in your future. 

Other tips:Lowering your cooldown is obviously helpful for spamming your ult, and getting one-two hits is better than trying to save it for a five person ult that will never come. Aghs & octarine allows for that, though it is extremely gold inefficient and can lose you the game. Remember, winning is more important than points since you get zero points if you lose.

I have experienced a bug in at least 20% of my games where I stop gaining points from using my ult. If you notice your combo meter is not showing up, the only fix is dying. Don’t feed on purpose!