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Dota 2 Techies 7.31 Update 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Erick and I am a professional Dota 2 Gamer from the US. As we all know that the new Dota 2 7.31 update is about to release so I have written a well-researched article on what could be the changes on techies heroes as well know how strong this hero has been throughout the history of Dota 2.

There is even a carry with AoE damage!

On February 19, Valve confirmed that Dota’s most hated hero had been reworked. And we already have four ideas for its changes. 

Techies is unique. This is the only hero in Dota who is guaranteed to infuriate both opponents and teammates at once.

Dota 2 7.31 update

Why? There are three main reasons:

1. The gameplay against Techies is fundamentally different from the “standard Dota.

 Dota is a game about objects and constant movement around the map. Techies single-handedly forbid the team from going to most of the map. In addition, the demolition of any tower turns into the quest “Make two screens behind and in front of the tower with wards.” So yes, and the sides will not hurt.

And most importantly – not a single hero in Dota can kill any hero in a split second.

2. Techies in the team annoy all the players who are used to 5×5 fights.

Techies Dota 2 Hero

 Imagine: you take Tidehunter, give Ravage, but there is no damage to it – because the fifth player on the other side of the map is laying minks at that time. Miner’s design makes players on it avoid fights, which can’t help but infuriate four teammates.

3. Games with Techies are incredibly long. 

The bedtime roller meme ceases to be funny for 100+ minutes as soon as you fall into this Travoman trap. 

Techies win in any poll “Which hero pisses you off the most?” in any patch. So obviously, the hero needs to be changed. So I came up with four options for how Techies could be reworked. When drawing up concepts, I used three rules:

  1. The hero should keep his uniqueness – I don’t have a goal to turn Techies into an “average” Dota hero with a stun, nuke, and ult for mass fights.
  2. Each rework should solve at least one of the three problems mentioned above.
  3. It is allowed to change no more than two skills. 

So, here are four options on how to change Techies in 7.31.

  1. Remote Mines cannot deal fatal damage to a hero. Instead, they stun. 

All cuts on YouTube with burning streamers from “improvement” consist of instant death of the hero from mines. This is really dishonest mechanics, and it needs to be changed. 

The easiest option is to remove the fatal damage from mines (like Venomancer’s ult). It is clear that this will kill the hero without the buff, so in return, we give the mines a stun effect depending on the number of mines detonated. Blew up one mine? 1.5 seconds stun for each additional – half a second. 

Dota 2 techies update 2022

What we get in the end:

 Miner, who will have to put mines in a fight, and not on another part of the map. As a bonus, we will save billions of nerve cells in doters.

  1. Blast Off! Now an ult with unlimited range. Remote Mine has a limit of three bookmarks.

Since Techies has to play in the opposite part of the map, let him have the opportunity to fly into the fight! The power of explosives is enough to fly to any corner of the map (albeit not instantly, of course). To make the ult really an ult, you can add a ban on the use of items for a couple of seconds in the very epicenter of the explosion to the silence (since Techis does not arrive immediately, it will be possible to apply Doom only under reasonable control).

What do we do with Remote Mine? Now, this is an ordinary skill with, conditionally, 100/175/250/325 damage. But unlike current mines, you can put three barrels in total. Using the skill on an already standing barrel doubles its damage. 

What we get in the end: 

A mobile hero for team fights, who cannot mine the entire map, but has to choose three places for bookmarks carefully. 

  1. Instead of Remote Mine – the ability for aoe damage from attacks

I will say right away: this is the craziest idea of ​​the four.

Have you ever noticed that Techis shoots big bombs? It is rather strange that he hits so weakly and only on one target. What if we make Techis the first carry with a full AoE, like Sven ? I see it in two ways:

1. Ult – passive ability for 30/60/90% area damage.

2. Ult – an active ability with 100% area damage for X seconds/attacks. 

Important :

  1. For balance, you need to leave low starting damage and the base characteristic of intelligence. 
  2. Don’t forget the level 25 talent for 252 damage and remove it!

In theory, Land Mines can be used as a quick source of farm, and Stasis Trap can be thrown at our feet so that enemy melee carries do not get to us so quickly.

What we get in the end:

 The first carry with a built-in Battle Fury and another intellectual carry. 

  1. Remote Mine does half the damage. But it imposes a debuff depending on the primary attribute 

The goal of this rework is to make Techies useful in fights and give him an alternative to endlessly mining his territory. Yes, if necessary, the Miner will still be able to sit on the high ground and place mines, but it will not be as profitable as fighting with these same mines.

In addition to the damage itself, the explosion will impose a debuff depending on the main attribute of the victim:

  • Strength: loss of armor. 
  • Agility: disarm.
  • Intelligence: silence. 

A change in Aghanim immediately suggests itself: with it, Techis will impose all three debuffs. 

What we get in the end:

A hero who loves fights. And yes, in an emergency, he will be able to turn into a classic Techies, but it will not be possible to bet on this. 

* * *

Did you like these Techies rework suggestions? How would you change the character? Let’s discuss!

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