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The Dota MMR Recalibration Reset 2024Can Help You Climb Rank in Dota 2

The new MMR reset will be here by March 13th, 2022 and it is the best time to gain dota 2 MMR and get out of the bracket you might be stuck in. Read this blog and achieve your desired MMR in Dota 2.

What is MMR Reset/Recalibration?

Valve introduced Rank medals and seasonal matchmaking rankings in late 2017 which replaced the visible MMR number to a medal system for players to progress through. Initially, at the end of each 6-month long season, every player had their MMR/Medal reset to unranked. Valve has now used a new system that allows players to choose when they want to reset and recalibrate their MMR/medal whenever they want to once in a year.

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How To Activate MMR Recalibration?

You can easily activate your MMR recalibration in just a few clicks. By March 13th, 2022, all Dota players will have the option to recalibrate their MMR whenever they want. This will be really helpful if you think you’re stuck in a lower bracket than your skill or if you’re a returning player who would like to know where he is MMR/Skill wise.

In order to start your Dota 2 MMR Recalibration, you need to go to the game settings and click on the account tab. You will find the blue button that says “ACTIVATE RECALIBRATION” under the MMR RECALIBRATION section. When you click the button, the game will initiate your MMR recalibration instantly, so only click the button when you’re fully ready to recalibrate.

MMR Calibration

How Do I Get My New MMR After Activating Recalibration?

After activating recalibration, you will be required to play 10 ranked matches, after which you will be given your MMR Recalibration Dota 2 and medal. Once you have activated Recalibration and achieved your new MMR and medal, you must wait one year before recalibrating again.  

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How Much MMR Can I Gain Or Lose By Recalibrating?

During your recalibration, each match will be worth 75-100 MMR. That is more than two or three times as much MMR per game compared to normal ranked matches. Playing solo or in a party, queue doesn’t affect MMR gain or loss during recalibration. So, you can potentially gain or lose 500 to 750 MMR when you recalibrate. 

Let’s say you are playing on a 1500 MMR account. If you play well and win all 10 matches you can boost your MMR up to 2250. On the other hand, if you play badly and lose all 10 matches, you can drop to 750-800 MMR. 

What Factors Are Important For Dota 2 MMR Recalibration?

When you play normal matches or ranked matches you try to win but there is more pressure on you when playing Recalibration matches and you put more effort while playing. You can get a better MMR result after your Recalibration if you pay attention to these factors that play a huge role in Dota 2 MMR Recalibration. 

Important Factors For Recalibration

1: Wins and Losses (Match Result)

Match result during recalibration is the biggest factor that will decide your new MMR. So, make sure you try your hardest to win every game.

2: Average Hero Performance

This is the most important thing to try and achieve whether you are winning the game or not. The average hero performance graph can be seen on the post-game screen. It shows your performance for the game compared to your average. 

Whether you’re in the winning team or the losing team, try to stay on the right side of the average hero performance graph. In the above image, I played Terrorblade and you can see the factors that count for calculating hero performance are, GPM (Gold per minute), XPM (XP per minute, Kills, Assists and Deaths.

3: KDA (Kill-Death-Assist Ratio)

The formula for KDA is (Kills + Assists)/Deaths. IF you have 10 kills and 1 death, then your KDA will be 10. Try to keep your KDA as high as you can by avoiding unnecessary deaths and participating in team fights to get as many kills and assists as possible. 

4: Game Statistics

Hero damage, Hero healing, building damage, Last hits/denies, Camps stacked, APM (Actions per minute). 

5: Support Performance

Wards placed/Destroyed, Camps pulled/Stacked, Buying Support items bought such as Force staff, Glimmer cape, mekansm, Drums of endurance, etc.

Factors That Are Not Important For Dota 2 MMR Recalibration!

  1. Ranks of your party mates. 
  2. Your Battlepass/Compendium Level. 
  3. Any Cosmetic items or skins you own. 
  4. Amount of time spent playing Dota 2 
  5. Your Steam level or Dota 2 level 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of MMR I can gain or lose by recalibrating?

Currently, the highest MMR calibration possible in Dota 2, in a completely fresh account, after the required games to unlock ranked play, is 6k MMR, meaning that the cap of 3.5-4k has been around for a long time is no longer valid.

When does MMR reset in Dota 2?

After activating recalibration, you will be required to play 10 ranked matches, after which you will be given your new MMR and medal. Once you have activated Recalibration and achieved your new MMR and medal, you must wait one year before recalibrating again.

How often can you reset your MMR in Dota 2?

DOTA 2 resets generally players’ MMR on a 6 months cycle, this is on the grounds that each season in DOTA 2 is a half year. Thus, two times each year is the point at which you will actually want to recalibrate your MMR. This permits us to recalibrate our MMR despite our game history. With your new MMR which was reset, you should play a few ranked games.