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Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Build – 2022 Guide

spirit breaker

Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Build / Guide Spirit Breaker is a very simple hero, who is also very strong in all stages of the game. Spirit Breaker is one of the very few supports, who has no one, but two disables which work on magic immune units. His second ability, Bulldoze, makes him very hard […]

Queen of Pain Arcana screams into Dota 2’s Battle Pass

queen of pain

The Queen of Pain has a new look. The Queen of Pain Arcana, Eminence of Ristul, has blinked into the Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass. That’s a series of words that will likely confuse anyone who doesn’t keep up with Dota 2. The shiny new cosmetic for Queen of Pain is now available for free to […]